carrageenan effects in animals

we all know that any food which is newly introduced to the food industry are tested before it processing with human beings. Mostly animals like money, frog are used for this testing activity done on animals.

The approval of that food product will be gain only after proving that food ingredient does not produce any harmful effects or side effects in the animals. Even though carrageenan is used by the rural village people more than 100 years back, the use of carrageenan gets approved only in last 5 years.

This is due to the reason of the results gathered by animals test on carrageenan. In the starting period of carrageenan test on animals at 1960, the research studies are resulting that the excessive amount of carrageenan intake in the animals in the trail test can able to generate small intestine.

Same like this the inappropriate ways of introducing the carrageenan into the animal foods can create a same inflammatory  responses . for example feeding the carrageenan to the animals by means of mixing it with its drinking water is a new way to introducing the carrageenan in animals and also it will raise the level of carrageenan content animals blood.

The inflammatory responses in the carrageenan will cross the blood membrane barrier of the small intestine. This situation has only occurred when the carrageenan is feeding via drinking water to the animals at an extreme level.

Whatever we say it words, the truth is that there is no proved results were gained from the use of carrageenan in a human being. More than 100 plus years the carrageenan is added as an ingredient in food items without giving any side effects.

But some items the anecdotal “upset tummies” are reported (more info here) in some website blogs as a result of eating carrageenan.