The Fun Train Travel

Traveling is fun. You get to see the world, meet new people, and see the life that is completely different from yours. Traveling allows you to see the world outside of your bubble, enhancing your perspective and view of the world. And the greatest thing about traveling is, you are always free to whatever you want and choose what destination to go to.

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Traveling doesn’t always mean that you need to go to far away places or go across the ocean to the new continent. You can go to the city next door and see how things are different from your regular life. You can go to the neighboring state or neighboring country – which is the case when you live in Singapore. Singapore is close to Malaysia and it is so easy to travel from Woodland to JB Sentral – it doesn’t take hours either. However, you need to plan things thoroughly and really manage a careful traveling plan.

Managing the Travel

The reason why you should manage your travel is that the Woodland checkpoint is one of the major gates and checkpoints that separates Singapore and Malaysia. You can reach Woodlands from any points in Singapore but you will need to clear off your belongings once you reach Woodlands. Keep in mind that the Woodlands train station doesn’t have a very clear sign and direction so ask the officials if you are confused about where to go.

Of course, buying the train ticket is easy if you can access websites like The greatest thing about easybook is the fact you can always buy any tickets that you want through the online system and the overall process is fairly simple and easy. Even if this is your first time, you shouldn’t have any problem maneuvering your way around.

So, go to and see what kinds of train tickets options available for you. Once you try it, you should see that it is easy and even fun!