On Being Anonymous

These days, being anonymous can be an important thing. It becomes the most important when you’re dealing with an addiction issue. That’s why a lot of ongoing recovery program have anonymous on their names. They also won’t let you say your last name or job so you won’t be recognized as anything. In detoxofsouthflorida.com you can see a lot of example on keeping anonymity intact.

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Privacy as Top Priority

A rehab place will always put the client’s privacy as their top priority. They make their gates high enough so nobody can see who are inside. The stigma alone of being an addict can be quite too much for some. And sometimes the clients are already paying some price for what they’ve done. There are many reasons on why privacy is so important. And there’s no compromise on that.

Why Insist on No Name

There are many ways to hide your identity online. Why would even care to do that again when going on a rehab website. While there are people who already checked out from a rehab and openly admit it, but there are also some others who are not quite there yet. They are still embarrassed by the fact that they’ve been into a rehab. That’s why the website will still feature anonymous to address their past clients.

Privacy is an easy word to say but not easy to hold up to. There are many cases where privacy has been breached. It doesn’t matter if the cases involved a medical place like a rehab or not, but it still raises some concerns. Staying anonymous is a choice. You are free to do what you want to do, but it’s always safer and better to know that there are places that offer anonymity without being asked.