Carrageenan and Understanding Its Function

When you don’t get your facts right or when you only get pieces of information, it can be tricky. You can’t make a solid decision because you can’t really tell which one is wrong and which one is right. When it is about your condition and your safety, I suggest you do it right and dig deeper to get the right information.

This applies to the rumors about carrageenan and how it is said to cause you problems in your health regime. People say that carrageenan is dangerous and it can make you ill. But most of them don’t even bother to perform the right checking – and it can lead to a bigger misunderstanding and misleading.

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Understanding Carrageenan

So, what is carrageenan, anyway? A carrageenan is basically a type of fiber that is mixed into foods. It looks like a gel so it is mostly used as a thickener or stabilizer. Products like the ice cream, yogurts, cream cheese, salad dressings, and whipping creams are some of the example products using the carrageenan. It is used in most commercial food products so it is pretty common.

Carrageenan has been used for centuries. The carrageenan was originally used by the native people of Carragheen, a village along the Irish coast to treat an ulcer, digestive problems, and other ailments. The carrageenan is produced by the red algae which are native only to the Irish coast.  That’s why this alga is pretty special and unique.

Around the 1930s, the American food industry discovered the potential use of the carrageenan and has been using the substance ever since. And because they have done research and studies and find out that the substance is pretty safe for the daily consumption, the modern food industry has seen carrageenan as one of the most promising food substances that can give a positive quality to the food as well as enriching its texture and flavor.