Who Can Join the Archery?


Some of you who love to watch the historical, fantasy, or action film, should be very familiar with the archery. More popularly, the archer is a sport in the Hunger Games series. Actually, archery has been popular since the ancient times. It was invented by the Egyptians. Of course, the first invention of archery equipment was not as good as it is now. In the past, the equipment were made from the animal parts.

In 2800 BC, it was made from the wood and the animal horn. Furthermore, the string was made from the sheep intestines. The use was also different than it is now. The use of archer was familiar with daily activities in hunting or war. However, the use of archer as the hunting and fighting equipment is still continuing until now.

Who will be able to use archer?

The function and the users of the archer had altered since a long ago. Partly, it was influenced by the development of people understanding about gender equality and the archery function itself. As people did not use the archer for food hunting anymore, the archery started to be a kind of sport.

Furthermore, unlike the ancient times which the users were majority men, now all people can use it. Not only adult men but now are many kid learners. If you or somebody you know interested in doing archery, you can register for the archery lessons. There will be many well-trained instructors for the lessons. Hence, you will be taught step by step from the postures, how to handle the bow hand, how to shoot, and everything related to the archer. Archery is good to train your physical and brain health, if you are interested, register now so you can start as soon as possible.