How to Book ferry online ticket?


What transportation do you like the most when you are traveling in ASEAN countries like Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, and Singapore? Those three countries have an amazing connection of transportation, so it gives ease to the tourists. You will not only get the shopping stuff there, but you will get the natural and cultural tourism too. The natural scene of Malaysia can be seen in Genting Highland that offers great scenery of hilly garden and strawberries farm. In Singapore, you will get many stuff to do for the museum and In Brunei, there are a lot of cultural things you can see like Kingdom tourism and local activities. If you have no idea again where to go, going to Indonesia can be great for you. Singapore and Batam are so near you just need ferry ticket to get to Indonesia. How to book the ferry online ticket to go there then? It’s easy. Here we have simple ways or tips for you to book ferry ticket online.

Go with Easybook

The first thing to do when you are going to search ferry ticket is that you can go to and get the destination cities on the search button. In, there will be a lot of lists that offer a schedule of the ferry for you to choose and most of them have a pretty same price. You don’t have to think much on that but think about the time you will depart. The ferry ticket is not only available for Singapore to Batam, Indonesia. You also can get to Pulau Tioman with ferry as long as you know how to explore there. Some tourists get their tour guide to get more convenience when they have arrived at Tioman Island. There will be a lot of beautiful sceneries you can try to watch ad enjoy the scenery. After getting the list of research, click the booking and then pay through several payments you have chosen.