If you are new to online gambling or have just recently signed yourself up on online casino providers such as Oriental Casino in order to play slot machines as a pastime, then you will probably be surprised to know that slot machines have been around for a very long time, with the highest estimate tracing their existence as far back as more than a century. Online slot machines similar to the ones that you can find on Oriental Casino are, of course, so much newer in comparison, but even then they have been around for around two decades already. It is no wonder that slot machines have become the trademark and a feature most commonly associated with casinos, even online ones.

Upon opening Oriental Casino, you will see many different types of slot machines that you can play as you wish. There are hundreds, or even thousands, different types of slot machines available on online casino, and there are new ones being released practically everyday. This makes slot machines the best option for gamblers who are looking for variety, as well as those who believe that they have a particularly good luck.


In general, there are two different types of slot games. The classic slots, which are based on the traditional slots with a 3-reel or a 5-reel format, as well as video slots, which are based on a multi-line slots format. Each type of slot machines can be broken down even further to include practically endless varieties of added features, such as progressive jackpots as well as spin bonuses and multipliers.

To play an online slots game, you only have to press a few buttons–bet one, bet max, and cash out for classic slots, while video slots might allow you to adjust your bet using + or – buttons and also feature auto spin.