Losing at anything is never fun, and yet it is one of the facts of life that we have to deal with in our lifetime. This also includes losing a game of poker online, which can be a huge blow to both your pride and your wallet. For quite a lot of players, especially beginners at poker online who have yet to learn how to keep their emotion in check when playing the game, this feeling of frustration over losing a game can lead to them making one bad decisions after another as they get their heads clouded with anger. This behavior, commonly known as tilting, is often dubbed as #1 beginner killer out there, as tilting will only lead to more frustration and even bigger loss of money. Instead of letting your emotions take over you, a good poker online player needs to know how to deal with losing.


6The most important thing you need to keep in mind when you start playing poker online is that it is okay to lose. In fact, most poker players lose more often than they win, and this includes some of the best poker player across the globe. This is why, instead of chasing your losses you should instead take a step back and cool your head down when you lose. Sticking to your bankroll is also a good way to help you from making bad decisions when you lose.

A good poker online player also needs to learn when they should quit, especially when they realize that their odds of winning the poker match is particularly low. On the other hand, you should also avoid being so loss-averse that you are avoiding all matches but the ones you are sure to win, as you will miss a lot of opportunities that way.