Four Steps of Registration for Emotional Support Animal

register emotional support animal_43434 is the website where we can get official paperwork for emotional support animal. Register emotional support animal can be done online.

Complete online exam

This is the first step to getting the paperwork for the emotional support animal. We must fill out a brief online medical exam. From this paperwork, we will get an official document from physician or psychiatrist who will say that we are allowed and need a pet for the emotional support at home. It will help us to get approval from the landlord or property manager if we live in an apartment building. For the registration, we only need to click the “online medical exam”.

Make payment

The next step is paying the service. We may wonder why we need to pay before the approval. It is not a problem. It is because when we get a rejection for the online exam of the emotional support animal, we will get the refund.

The DOGtor reviews the exam

On the third step, we will have to wait because the DOGtor is reviewing the online exam. The process of the online medical exam review is only one until two days. We will get the information about the approval right away. The rejection also will come too when the review has been done. The determination of the one and two days is the weekday. Sometimes, the Dogtor need addition exam. Then, we will be asked to speak over Skype. But, the further exam does not happen often.

The approval

The last step that we need to do is submitting the online medical exam. It will be asked after we are notified the approval. Then, the DOGtor will send the approval which said about the official emotional support animal. If we get a rejection, we will get an email too and we will get a refund at the same time.