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For gamers, Nintendo Wii is one of the oldest gaming devices that they love. In this day and age, almost everyone who plays thegameknows what is a Nintendo Wii. Despite so, there is a new version of the device which is the Nintendo Wii U. There are so many games that you can play in the new Nintendo Wii U. If you cannot pick one, why don’t you try visiting this site called the Gaming Dojo. This site will help you by giving you all the best gaming reviews Wii Ucan provide. Let’s take a look at what’s inside the website.


Mario Kart 8

One of our favorite game review of Wii U from Gaming Dojo is the new release of Mario Kart 8. Who does not know Mario games? For those who are a fan of Nintendo, they must be familiar with Mario games. Mario Kart 8 itself was released to the public early in April 2014. Since then, it has received so many amazing reviews including the one in Gaming Dojo. People in Gaming Dojo have given a good review score of 9.4 out of 10. This racing game is clearly something that you need to have in your storage.

Other things on Gaming Dojo

Gaming Dojo does not only provide Wii U gaming reviews. In fact, it also provides so many other types of gaming reviews whether it is from Xbox, Playstation, or even your mobile phone game. All the reviews are sincere and helpful for every gamer. Gaming Dojo is also such a good gaming community. You can help out and seek help from other gamers on the internet. Just go to their forum and enjoy the socialization. If you want to experience the fun for yourself, you can just visit their website which is at