NBA 2K16 VC Glitch

nba 2k16 vc glitch

For a true basketball fan out there, NBA 2K16 is a must played basketball simulation games. This game comes from the top franchise, 2K Games. It’s the one of the most anticipated games. The game is available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and PC.

NBA 2K16 comes with great new features. But it’s not only that, there is cheat generators, locker codes, badges and virtual currency glitch.

In this article, we talk about NBA 2K16 VC glitch. We can exploit this glitch and pile up VC in a short time. VC is taking a big role to power up the players and buys better gears to improve our team. It’s taking a long time to get VC. But it’s far way faster with NBA 2K16 VC glitch.

Two Ways to Exploit the Glitch

There are two ways to farm VC quickly with the glitch. It’s depending on the game mode that you choice. The first way is using MyCareer mode. This is the favorite mode to be played. You must follow the following conditions to proceed. The glitch only works at least with a Hall of Fame difficulty and the quarter must be either 6 or 12 minutes long. Loads your next game and you will get 600 VC in an instant. You can repeat it as you wish to get unlimited VC.

The second way is playing via MyPark online mode. This mode has VC glitch too ready to be exploited. Here are the steps. You need to play in a three-man Got Next Spot. No need to play it until the end. Quit the game when the game starts and you can obtain VC. Remember, it damages your online reputation. This is an online feature, you leave a bad impression to another player in this case.