When Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Met Up for “Strong”

For Justin Bieber lovers, you can calm yourself and start to sit down comfortably while you read this news. As what have written in Popify, Bieber and Gomez met to release a song together. The title of the song is “Strong” and it is premiered on Saturday night on Drake’s OVO Sound Radio show live on Beats 1 Radio. They met for the real duet and trading lyrics for the song.

Everything Has Chanced


Everything has changed when they met again. Although the song has been escaped from any social media for music, many people hope for the best for this song. Most of their fans really hope that they will never hear that song anymore.

In the other side, after their fairytale love story, Selena said that Bieber has changed a lot and more mature. Although in previous years they are famous with mature fake mature relationship, recently they tried to escape that image and show that they are already very mature.

Justine Bieber has changed a lot after him out from the prison. Too many experiences made Justin learn from it and are a better man. His fans love his changes. It is good and can be a good example for all teenagers around the world. Justin also commented about his “too much” love in his eighteen years old love. It seems like they were a married couple and living in the same stuffs together. All of it was too much. Finally, Justin realized about everything he did before was too much to do for teenager. Since Justin’s new album, ‘Purpose” is due on November 13th, so far there is no tract list has been released. It means “Strong” could include on the album. We can hope for the best of it. If it is not in this album, we will never hear it anymore, maybe.