About Free Phone from Government

Wanting to get free government phone is one thing, but being considered eligible and worthy for the program is another. Everyone likes free giveaway, so the idea of being able to get a free phone is certainly appealing. But in this program, you need to show proof that you are totally eligible to get the phone, so there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill before you can enjoy the phone.


About the Program

If you come to www.Discoverlifeline.com, you should see that this program is set up between the government and Assurance Wireless, which is overseen by Virgin Mobile. Being the second biggest phone carriers in America that are taking part in the Lifeline program, Assurance Wireless is certainly offering an appealing giveaway. The free phone isn’t the only perk you can enjoy as you will also be given free 350 minutes per month. So, no hassle and no additional spending for your monthly expenses – everything is assisted by the government.

However, in the event that you feel that 350 free minutes isn’t enough, you can pay a little to get additional 750 minutes. For instance, you only need to pay $5 for an extra package of 250 voice minutes or $20 for extra 750 minutes as well as a package of 1000 text messages.

Requirements and Application

This program is set up in 29 different states, so make sure that it is running in your state – in case you want to apply. If not, then it is not your lucky moment because you won’t be considered eligible or qualified. You can check the eligibility requirements in your state, fill in the application, make sure that you have the necessary documents needed for the screening process, and submit the application. Remember that each state has their own regulation and requirements, which may be different from one another. When you are considered eligible to get the help, the phone will be sent directly to your house.