What’s Important when Starting a Blog

Starting a blog may be easy, but turning it into a money machine isn’t. If you want to write whatever your heart desires, making a blog is possible. But when you want to turn your blog into something that can generate money with its high traffic, it takes more than just writing. In fact, you need to update your knowledge, improve your skills, and learn more about this industry.

Writings Are Kings… or Are They?


Most people believe that writing contents are the main important part of a blog, but is such claim true? In reality, you need more than just contents to attract visitors. Sure contents are important, but layout of the website, the topic, the images, and other supporting elements are also important. Can you imagine visiting a blog that is only filled with articles, while the website is plain and not attractive at all? Not appealing, eh? Or can you imagine visiting a blog that is only filled with pictures or images, with no descriptions or writings whatsoever? It is similarly not appealing at all, right?

If you want visitors to come to your blog, be sure to combine the writings, images, pictures, and web design in balanced manner. You don’t necessarily have to do anything fancy or grandeur; simply combine everything in simple yet attractive manner, with decent website design, and you can expect increase in the traffic.

Keep It Simple

A lot of beginner bloggers make mistakes by creating fancy or too advanced website with all the flashy lights and bling-bling accessories. People like coming to a blog where they can access everything fast. What will you do when you visit a site and it takes a long time to load because it contains too many things? You certainly will never come to the site again, right? The same thing also applies to your blog. Choose clean and simple layout that requires fast loading time, and focus on the contents.