Minecraftforfreenow: A Free Alternative For Minecraft Players

Who are not familiar with Minecraft these days? Most people who are fond of online gaming must have already known about this pixelized game. Although the graphic is deliberately made to look like games from 1990’s, the gameplay of the game is the main factor that won the heart of many people over the world. Its players can go on a solitary mission or indulge in multiplayer activities. The game itself encourages all players to feel free to pour their wildest imagination when playing it since they can craft and invent their own world using everything that they find.


Even though it boasts an unlimited canvas of creativity that most other games certainly does not have, Minecraft is not a free application. In order to be able to download it, people have to purchase it beforehand. The problem is, not everyone has the will to spend on the game. If you feel the same, you must have been wondering of an alternative way to enjoy Minecraft.

Free Alternative

If that is true, then minecraftforfreenow.net is everything that you have ever hoped for. This website provides everyone with free Minecraft game with almost all of the original features offered by the game. All modes, including survival and craft mode, are playable in both single and multiplayer. You do not need to have an account to play single player mode, but it is compulsory for multiplayer since you need to choose a server to enter. However, there are some limitations for those who like to use cheats and mods. Cheating will definitely means being kicked out of this website, and the same thing also goes to players who use unauthorized mods. This free Minecraft uses the version 1.5.2, which is not the latest one. However, it is still a great opportunity to play Minecraft for free.