martin backpacker

The biggest problem I’ve had with a guitar is the bulkiness – and also the fact that it can be quite heavy. Don’t get me wrong; I love that musical instrument. Being a musician, I like having my guitar around and get myself entertained once in a while. But since I often travel a lot, I find it getting more difficult for me to really enjoy my trip without having to worry about my guitar being scratched or dented. Not to mention that I have to deal with the extra weight and bulkiness. And this is when I finally found out about Martin backpacker.

martin backpacker 1

The Main Difference

Basically, one of the most popular names in the industry is Martin backpacker series (also known as the Little Martin guitars), but there are also other brands and names that are producing this kind of guitar.

As the name suggests, a backpacker guitar is a guitar designed and created for the sake of traveling. It is lighter and smaller, and it generally comes with its own storage case that can be used as a traveling bag too. It is such a clever idea, isn’t it? Now you can travel with ease without having to worry about the pristine condition of your guitar. No more hassle, no more scratch worries, and such thing alike. The bag itself isn’t only good for better protection, but also stylish and good looking.

The Overall Quality

A lot of people say that backpacker guitar is different from the full sized one, especially when it comes to the quality of the sound. Well, considering that the size is different (and sometimes the shape has to be different too), such thing is quite normal. However, there is no significant difference in some brands, like Little Martin. You can expect high quality sound from the smaller series, just like the one from the full sized item.