Free Government Cell Phones

free government phones

Free Phones

Free government phones are not a myth whereas it is a real thing which we can achieve for free. Yes, those phones will be free of charge hence we can use it without having to spend anything. These free phones that are provided by government are not a new thing whereas it has been provided since years ago. Many people have been complaining about this free phones program to be a phony one which is a really misleading assumption. It is important to be noted that there are some requirements that are needed to be fulfilled in order to get those free government cell phones.

Area Coverage and Income Threshold

Firstly, we need to live in the states which have this free phones program implemented since some states do not provide these free phones. If we are living on the states which have this program implemented, then we have passed the first requirement. The second requirement to achieve those free phones is the income threshold. Yes, a person who is longing to achieve those phones needs to have a middle-low income. Each state has a different income threshold where for a more detailed information can be found easily on the internet.

Federal Assistance Program

Thirdly, applying to the federal assistance program is the most important thing. Knowing the previous requirements is the very first step where the next step would be to apply to the federal programs. It is also important to ensure that every data has been well prepared hence we don’t have to reapply which can be taking more of our time. These phones which are also famously known with the name of Obama Phone appear in many models hence we can choose the most appropriate model for us. Nevertheless, the Kyocera Jax appears to be the most popular one since it has a slim model that is accompanied with colorful LCD. FYI, DiscoverLifeLine is the website for more up-to-date information about these free phones.