About WhatsApp Plus

Among the many types of chatting platforms and software, WhatsApp is definitely one of the best. Not only it provides affordable and efficient way to communicate, it also comes with loads of handy features and abilities. If you think that WhatsApp can only be used for chatting only, then you are hugely mistaken.


WhatsApp Strength

You can send out pictures, videos, and also text messages with WhatsApp. And the great thing about this app is that it can also help you save up money for your mobile data. Although such features are also available in other chatting programs, not all of them are similar. Another cool thing about WhatsApp is the fact that it is free from unwanted ads. There are some chatting programs that I simply dislike because they constantly and continuously send out unwanted ads. The result is unwanted notifications. I find out that not only WhatsApp is very beneficial and handy, it is also quiet.

WhatsApp Plus

There are some people claiming that you can also Install WhatsApp Plus, in case you are interested in enjoying more features and flexibilities. What’s the difference of the original WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, anyway? Well, for a starter, WhatsApp Plus isn’t made or developed by the original developer. All of the features are also the same, but the Plus has more additional adjustments. You can have personalized themes, for instance, or you can hide your status (whether you are online or offline). you can also change the font, if you want to, but other than that, all the features are just the same.


Keep in mind, though, that WhatsApp Plus has some flaws. Although it may sound appealing (especially if you are into additional features), it is not designed or released by the developer. Some people may have successful result with their devices, but some suffer from failure. You also need to consider the possibility that your device may experience system faulty or error. Are you ready with such risk?