Whiteboard Animation, Capturing Attention

As you may very well know, whiteboard animation is a technique usually used in the marketing of products and also for educational purposes. The process usually involves drawing or illustrating on a white board. Or any other medium that resembles it. Then, it also involves capturing the act itself on video. This process has become quite popular of late. More so in the business field. Some claim that it’s due to its special ability to attract the target customer’s attention.

Why it is Unique

Over any other currently available for choosing, this tool is unique. It is because of the contrast the black and white or colored paint makes against the starkness of the board. It holds the power to attract eyes in an instant. This is very true if the drawing on board is catchy. Black and white marker is most commonly used. But lately the trend has shifted towards adding a splash of bright colors. Such as red or green.


The Application

Currently, this is a technique usually recorded on videos and posted on websites. Namely, YouTube or Vimeo. Because of the recent increase of interest, many creative individuals have started to offer their services. Competition could be tough. More so for those seeking to win big tenders with global companies. Amongst the many competing entities, whiteboardanimationshop.com is one of the few that promises true quality.

As a pro in the field, the company has a long history of proven track record. Especially of the ability to fulfill their customer’s needs. Unlike others, weknow that in today’s busy day and age, a company has but a split second’s chance. They have to capture the buyer’s attention quickly. This is so they can secure lasting interest. We intend to make good on that chance for you.