Have Fun with Bru-Bag

What? You’ve never heard a game called Bru-Bag? Oh no, seriously, oh no. You sure have seen this game before, but not sure about what it’s called. One thing I can tell you for sure is how fun this game really is. You can play it one on one with a friend, or you can make a team and beat another couple. This game is great to just spending your time together, or if you want to have a small and friendly competition.


Difference with Cornhole

Bru-bag is derived from the classic cornhole. In case you’re already familiar with the game, or already have a cornhole sets, you can start practicing right away. Of course there are some differences between cornhole and bru-bag. But one notable difference is that in Bru-Bag, you can throw the bag with an overhand throw. It’s one thing that you can’t do in a cornhole game.

Family Oriented Game

The best way to play bru-bag is with a 2 Vs 2 match. Each team only has two members who are standing opposite of each other. The winning team is the first team that scored more points by the margin of two. That makes Bru-Bag a fun family oriented game. Sisters Vs brothers or parents Vs children can be a fun to have. Even when your family isn’t competitive at start, this game might change your mind, and start a new family tradition.

Anyhow, Bru-bag can be played anywhere. Don’t be surprised if one day you might see this played in a bar. It’s for all age, just like cornhole, but with less restriction and rules than the old one. Everybody can play this game, and of course, have a lot of fun.