Plethora of Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV

The Latest Series of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIV is truly a game that we should try if we are apparently a big fan of final fantasy. Final Fantasy which is basically the most popular game series of all time has been under both Square Soft and Square Enix therefore all series are very popular amongst players. Final Fantasy XIV is a new fresh game which is not only about RPG whereas it is about MMORPG that allows direct interaction with other players. A game that will bring us to all good things that we can find in the previous final fantasy series since it includes many similar characters such as Kupo the Mog, the behemoth, the ahrimath, and even the cute chocobos.


The Main Selling Point

One of the main selling point of this game is the mounts. FFXIV mounts are not only consisting of one or two mounts whereas we can find lots of mounts that can be acquired throughout the game. Horses, chocobos, behemoth, even dragons can be ridden as our mount in this game. Another unique thing about FFXIV mounts is that it can be acquired not only through one way but from many different ways. For example, we can achieve Midgarsormir, the elite dragon, once we have completed the main scenario quests of Final Fantasy XIV. Another mount is the super strong creature which is the Behemoth which is obtainable by subscribing for 270 days (cumulative). There are also some FFXIV mounts that can be acquired by using real money hence we can get some decent mounts in the early game.

Play the Game

A walkthrough is crucially needed if we are seeking for the way to get some FFXIV mounts since each mount has a different approach to be obtained. Walkthroughs can be found on the internet easily. Great graphics and the plethora of mounts are more than enough to start playing this awesome game.