All You Need to Know About Sophrology

If this is your first time on hearing about the word Sophrology, you will be surprised later on how useful this article is. Sophrology is the new way of dealing with stress and depression which does not include any type of drugs that might be detrimental to you. Sophrology is all about raising the awareness of your mind in order to gain authority over your own body. So when you are sick or having a stressful day, you get to get rid of it just by focusing your mind. Here are more about the new technique of stress release for you.


The Root of Sophrology

Sophrology itself has the root in east even though it was introduced by someone of Colombian decent named professor caycendo. Through his study of neuro science, he argues that we can control the body just by using our mind and balancing our awareness. Therefore, sophrology is combining the eastern method of mind balance such as meditation and breathing with western technique of neurology. For those who wants to try this technique of stress release must be open minded and accept all kinds of possibility in order to receive the total result of the method.

The sophrology technique in practice

Practicing sophrology is not that difficult even though it does require you to focus on your mind and practice it for a long time. The method itself focusing breathing and also meditation of the mind. Meditation itself will be divided into several kinds including the visualization meditation that is a lot more stimulating for our body and also the body scan meditation which is a lot more relaxing. Both of this meditation is just a small part of relaxation therapy training (sophrologie formation)of sophrology. You get to learn it more officially through site such as in order to master the technique.