Kitchenware and Recipes Part 4: Avocado Crusher

For some people especially woman, cooking is a favorite activity to do. It is one of the interesting thing to train creativity, especially to create a food that is beyond extraordinary. Thanks to the advancement in the innovation and technology, because there are so many innovations for kitchenware that will be very useful for those who like to cook. Now, cooking can be really fun because of these creative innovations that will make you never getting bored of cooking. This article will discuss about a cool invention for your kitchen that will surprise you.

How to Use Avocado Crusher

Avocado crusher is a kitchenware to cut avocado in so many smaller pieces easier and faster. All you have to do is just cut the avocado into half and take out the seed. Then, press the avocado crusher against half cut avocado. Slide to the any direction such as left, right, or front the avocado crusher while you are pressing against the avocado then you will get the avocado is already in smaller pieces.

Creative Recipes Using Avocado Crusher

As we all know, there are so many recipes that use avocado but for today’s post I am going to share my very own recipe of avocado milk coffee. The ingredients you will need are milk, coffee powder, sugar, hot water and nata de coco. Firstly, make the coffee in a larger glass, by putting 3 teaspoon sugar and 2 teaspoon of instant black coffee. After the coffee is done, pour the milk until it reach 2/3 of the glass. After that, cut the avocado into half and press each one of them with avocado crusher. Do this for the other half of avocado. Put the crushed avocado to the glass along with nata de coo and ice cube. It’s ready to serve! Get more of delighting recipes at kjokkenutstyrog Oppskrifter.